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Updated 3 July 2013

This website is the personal blog of Bill Schrier, former Chief Technology Officer for the City of Seattle, used to express personal opinion.  Comments on any blog entry are welcome, but will be moderated.  The opinions expressed on this site and in the blog are solely those of Bill Schrier and do not necessarily reflect the official opinions of the elected officials or residents of the City of Seattle or State of Washington.

Bill Schrier, CTO, click for moreThe focus of this blog is the intersection of technology and government, and specifically how technology influences Seattle’s government, but also how governments use technology on behalf of their residents, citizens, and visitors.

The official website of the State of Washington is access.wa.gov and for the City of Seattle is www.seattle.gov.  Address general questions or comments to bill@schrier.org .

5 responses to “About

  1. Bill

    I notice that nothing is mentioned about security in your blogs, as one of the largest growing fields of technology and its eventual seamless intergration into modern life, should you cover it?

    I’d welcome a discussion on this subject.



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