– Google: Doing Evil?

Advertising and Consumerism may be evil

Google: Advertising and Consumerism may be evil

Google’s corporate ethics includes “do no evil”.   Well, not exactly.  Technically their corporate philosophy includes ten things “Google has found to be true” and number six is “You can make money without doing evil”.
A noble piece of philosophy.
Not really true.
Ultimately, the Internet boom and the boom in startup web companies, like the newspaper and magazine industries before them, is fueled by advertising (puns intended).   And most advertising is fundamentally evil because it encourages consumption.  Lots and lots of consumption.   Buy buy buy.
And most buying is bad for individual human beings, for developed societies and for the planet.
Sure – we need food and shelter and a few other basics.  Pretty low on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy.   In fact, plastic bags, the toys you get in kids fast-food meals, GPS locator units, wine cellar machines, two cell phones and one automobile per person probably don’t rate a place in Maslow’s hierarchy at all (maybe – and it is a stretch – “self esteem”?).  Such consumption consumes vast amounts of our planet’s resources, contributing to climate change through transportation and processing of all the raw materials, not to mention the use of the materials themselves.   All that petroleum use makes us more dependent upon Middle East oil, and therefore more embroiled in the politics of that region.
Ergo – for the most part, the consumption caused by advertising is “doing evil”.
Sorry, GoogleGuys.
See next entry “Second Life” from May 30th for a fun way to consume without consuming.


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