– Bike-to-Home Day

Bill Running in the Snow

Bill Running in the Snow

Original Post:  16 May 2008
Today – Friday May 16th – was bike-to-work day.   In my usual geeky contrarian fashion I took the bus to work and bicycled home.   Ok, so maybe it is not that unusual – I invariably take the bus to work because I can’t stand to be sweaty from a bicycle ride when I get to work.   And in Seattle the Metro buses all have bicycle racks on the front.   Actually, I vastly prefer to run (job) home rather than bicycle and have been doing that running commute for about 25 years.  The photo at right is from December, 2006, when I was stupid enough to run home in a snowstorm.  But the 25 years have been taking a toll on the body, so now it is bicycling every other day or so.  And I’m pretty proud of the people of Seattle, because 20,000 of you joined me today to “bike to home”, and to work, as well!

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