PTI Humidity Conference, 2008

Public Technology Institute - click image for more

Public Technology Institute - click image for more

Original post:  8 May 2008
The Public Technology Institute is now holding its annual meeting in Miami 6-8 May 2008. One great aspect about PTI is its membership – it brings together a whole range of cities and counties from tiny jurisdictions to major cities, plus vendors and other associations. During the conference we’ve talked about the challenges of using technology to support government operations. Some of the challenges are age-old (at least dating to 1981, the beginning of the modern age of IT): the latest economic downturn, disaster recovery, meeting expectations of departments and elected officials. Others are relatively new: the “greening” of IT and using Web 2.0 technologies (see next entry or my essay on this here).
And Miami is an interesting town with a lot of similarities to Seattle – long coastline, lots of boats, a lot of high-rise apartment and condo construction. But I vastly prefer the cool climate and light rain of Seattle to the humidity of Miami. I guess 30 years in Seattle has brought out my duck personna (all puns intended)!


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