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Scouring Blogs - click imae for more

Scouring Blogs - click imae for more

Original post: 28 April 2008
“Stormy Times for Comcast” is the title of an article in today’s Seattle Times, written by Bob Fernandez of The Philadelphia Inquirer, hometown newspaper at the Headquarters of Empire Comcast (the article is here).   Fernandez writes about Frank Eliason, a Comcast manager whose job is to watch blogs with complaints about customer service, e.g., contact the complaining customers and try to solve the problems.  A noble (if, in the case of Comcast, often fruitless) endeavor.  Both the blogging and the job performed by Eliason are a powerful application of Web 2.0 technology.   What a great idea!
Gee, could we apply this to City government?   Should we create a blog which allows the residents of Seattle to talk about their experiences – positive and negative – with our water (which is pretty good stuff) or electrical serivce, or pothole-filling service or (heaven forbid, because they work for me) our cable-customer complaint line?  Fascinating thought …

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